User Friendly

You can now order Meat products easily through the Salma app. This app is transforming ordering meat through a convenient development that allows you to effectively select the right cuts and order from the butcher shop of your choice. Be it in bulk or retail all orders are processed easily. Notifications reach the butcher and customer about the order. The customer can even specify how the meat should be cut in his order.

Locate Butcher Shop

Find your best local butcher. Add your location and all - this online directory can locate the shop nearest to you by simply matching your address. Only butchers registered in this app are shown in the directory. Try it today!

Multiple Products

The app handles ordering & processing of multiple meat products like Beef, veal, lamb and mutton cuts, poultry, fish and Camel. Different cuts of meat can be ordered like fillets, mince, sausage etc. Fresh & frozen products can be ordered through this App.


Salma App has in-app notifications to broadcast important messages to your customers and partners. Whenever a customer orders a meat products from a butcher registered in this app, then the butcher will receive a notification on the meat category, cut, quantity ordered etc. If he accepts the order then the customer will receive a notification from the butcher about the time of delivery etc.


The instant accessibility of the Salma App quickly tells customers what they need to know, so they can make their purchasing decisions and get on with what they’re doing. At the push of a button, butchers can connect with customers, share relevant news, offer great deals, increase traffic, take orders, and boost their revenues.

Wholesaler & Retailer Use

The Salma App can be used by Wholesalers and retailers for receiving and sending orders. Wholesalers can register in this App. They can login and add their meat categories available, cuts etc. The customers can select their meat choices and send mails from here.